Chef Amna Alyamani

Discovering her passion for baking at a very young age, blended with her late grandfather’s love for cooking, Chef Amna Alyamani was born to create memorable food. She followed through on her ambition and joined one of the world’s top hospitality management universities in Switzerland.

After completing her internship in Paris, Chef Amna decided to go back to Jeddah as she believes that a degree is as good as the level one would give back to their country. Although at the time in the Kingdom, as a young Saudi woman she couldn’t work in the kitchen. That only fueled her drive and ambition as she joined AlBaik to gain experience in scaling and franchising food businesses.

In 2020 Chef Amna jumped at the first chance she had to set up her bakery through a cloud kitchen, which in a short period of time turned into a successful business with multi-stores rolling out.

Chef Amna is a truly great inspiration to all Saudi women who believe in themselves and pursue their dreams.