Chef Ammar Al Barakati

What started out as a path to becoming a medical practitioner quickly turned into a journey guided by culinary passion. Ammar Al Barakati, 29, was headed toward the title of Doctor, but instead, he challenged the social pressure to follow his passion for food and become a Chef.


Driven by his aspiration to turn around the food scene in Saudi, he returned home after completing his studies in the US and chopped his way to lead chef in a newly-opened resort.


His big break was on MBC’s “Top Chef” program where his star shone. He capitalized on his experience with Top Chef to start a new chapter in his journey as a foodpreneur, overseeing the launch of many new restaurants and providing culinary and technical consultancies around the region.


Passion to create memorable and creative food experiences is what drives Chef Ammar and what transformed him into a prominent food influencer in the culinary scene in KSA, with the ambition to build a global brand that expands beyond the region.