Chef Basma Sabban

Chef Basma Sabban is a true inspiration for every person passionate about food but apprehensive to make the move; Her story started when she did a mega career shift, from her successful banking career to follow her childhood dream: Becoming a dessert chef. Leaving her 8-to-5 job was the most difficult decision, however, she regards it today as one of the biggest achievements in her life.


Born and raised in Jeddah, she took a leap of faith to open her own bakery and learned the craft from her own endeavors. From workshops to trainings, she developed a very strong flair for different dessert types and created the best recipes by striking the right balance between different ingredients, centered around chocolate as a base. Her strong intuition and fascination with numbers helped her become a well-established foodpreneur in Jeddah.


Nothing seems to be impossible to our certified life coach and aerial fitness instructor; Chef Basma has big ambitions to publish her own book which says a lot about her commitment and dedication to everything chocolate, dessert, and numbers.